Ashes To Ashes: Vampire Paranormal Romance

A Vampire Paranormal Romance

A night out suddenly goes terribly wrong for Amee Carrington when a mysterious blue eyed stranger arrives.

The next thing Amee knows she’s waking up in a room, tied to a chair. She’s been kidnapped and it’s very unclear why. Though her captors assure her they won’t harm her she senses something sinister lays just below the surface of their beautiful faces.

Finally Amee learns the shocking truth. Not only has she been initiated into a shocking, taboo custom, she’s been taken as part of a ritual where a man she doesn’t know will be transformed into a vampire… and she’ll be the one whose blood is on order.

In the midst of danger, caught between humanity and a world they don’t fully understand, Ross and Amee forge a bond that goes far deeper than the unexpected, wild night of passion they share.

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