Bad Boy Brother

She needs my protection.
And I’m going to make her cute little tush work for it.

I always protect a bro.
I just didn’t count on having to protect his sister too.
Joey and I have been close since childhood.
I have his back and he has mine. Always.
But now he’s in trouble. He’s been arrested for murder and everyone thinks he’s guilty. His sister needs my help.

Jenny’s the sweetest little thing I’ve ever seen.
I liked her as a kid and I straight up love her now.
I get hard every single time I see her.
Her very scent makes me throb with desire.

But what about the bro code?
Can I really do what I’m thinking of doing to this little girl?
She’s my best friend’s sister.

She’s so innocent, and I’m so dirty.
She’s so good, and I’m so bad.
She’s so hot, and I’m so hers.

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