Baller / Bruiser / Broken: An Alpha Badboy MMA Romance Bundle

“Simone you really did another amazing job. Well done. So what’s up next?”

Nancy Freedman, Verified Reviewer

Simone Scarlet’s red-hot MMA Romance stories are taking the critics by storm.┬áNow, for the first time, you can get three complete novels in one bargain bundle – that’s over 300,000 words of relentlessly steamy bad-boy action and romance.

In this collection, you’ll read:

  • BALLER: “Baller” Alexander was a legend, both in and out of the octagon. A trash-talking, swaggering bad-boy covered with tattoos, women flocked to him, and MMA fans worshipped him. He was the presumptive champ – the best pound-for-pound fighter in the League. But that was before he let his mouth and his fists write a check his ass couldn’t cash. Suspended for brawling, ‘Baller’ finds himself back home in Hartford, Connecticut – waiting out three months before he can step into the cage again. This MMA legend’s suddenly having to face the consequences of his years of bad behavior: Disappointed parents, a wayward younger brother – and HER… His step-sister Kristen. The one girl who could still make him feel like a flyweight.
  • BRUISER: They called him ‘Bruiser’ when he rocked the octagon as an up-and-coming MMA champion. But now he’s chosen the quiet life – running a karate school for disadvantaged kids, and trying to stay out of trouble. But staying OUT of trouble isn’t so easy, when you keep falling IN bed with the married moms who attend your school. But that was before he met Bailey – a vulnerable, guarded nurse who’d sworn off men forever. Or, at least, she had until she met Ben; and wondered if he could help her overcome her dark and traumatic past.
  • BROKEN: His last fight put super-heavyweight Silas Batras in a wheelchair – but he’d been ‘broken’ long before that. Young, dumb and hungry, Silas had fled to America from Spain, chasing his dream of MMA stardom. But the price of that opportunity had become more than he could bare. First, he’d wound up becoming a married woman’s plaything, just to pay his bills. Then he’d risked everything for his shot at the championship – and wound up nearly crippled, instead. Now he was alone, penniless, and learning to walk and fight again. His dream had become a nightmare. But that was before Silas met Lyssa – and suddenly, he had something real to fight for again.

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