Blood Prince. Vampire Paranormal Romance

A Vampire Paranormal Romance

After being dragged out to the club by her best friend, Lydia, whose sole goal in life seems to be getting April to loosen up, April planned for a night filled with shots, some dancing and a whole lot of rejecting unwanted male attention. Her entire world is rocked when an incredibly sexy stranger cuts in and asks April to dance. She cannot deny his request any more than she can deny his hold over her.
When she decides to take him home, the last thing she expected was to end up in some unground world with two very sexy, virile vampires.
After being kidnapped from the bar by Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, who turned out to be a vampire, April falls under the spell of her kidnappers. She realizes she’s been chosen to feed the Prince of all vampires and her reward… a night spent delving into her darkest fantasies and experiencing pleasure as she’s never known it before.

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