Your Pleasure Is My Business.

I’m blessed with an exceptional tool
And I’ve honed my skills into expert craftsmanship

Women couldn’t get enough of me and my profession as their sex surrogate, which kept me busy curling toes and delivering Big O’s.

But all good things must come to an end and that particular ending was a messy one.

Fortunately, my inventive expertise saw me riding high again with an innovative sex toy company and a naughty lifelike product that would deliver Big O’s to millions of women all over the world.

I was all set with no need to take things into my own hands any longer. And then in walked Felicia Connors, all legs and skirt, begging for an internship. How could I resist? So innocent. So gullible. So gorgeous.

I pulled out my nine inches – my latest creation – telling her to take it home and come back the following day with the perfect sales pitch.

I knew she wasn’t up to the challenge

I couldn’t have been more mistaken

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