Claiming His Virgin: He’s Going to Make Her Beg

I’m a rock hard, massively hung, billionaire stallion.
I’ve got women screaming my name every single night.

But I wasn’t born this way.
I was a virgin once.
And I long to relive the innocence, the delicacy, the delight, of my first time.
I long for the pleasure of exploring a woman’s curves without knowing what I’ll find.
I long for the excitement I felt the first time I entered a woman, heard her cry out, and almost fainted from the pleasure she gave me.

But there’s no rewinding the clock.
At least, that’s what I thought.

Jane’s a ballerina and the most innocent girl I’ve ever met.
She’s a complete virgin.
And I’m going to make her beg for mercy.
I’m going to show her all the things I wish I could relive.
The thrill of the first touch.
The pleasure of the first taste.
The overpowering ecstasy of her very first real ‘O’.

And when I’m finished, she’s going to be utterly mine.

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