Cursed Dragon , A Dragon Shifter Romance

A Dragon Shifter Romance

Jasmyn Moore grew up hearing tales of the dragon lord that lived in a mansion on the hillside. She always believed it was just a tale told to frighten children who stayed out after dark. She never put any stock in the legend.
Until the day she met the dragon prince.
Her freedom was traded in order for her father’s debt to the prince to be forgiven. She was to be his wife. He would take her in hopes that she would be the one who could finally break his curse and free him of the dragon.
Johnathan Black lived for centuries with his curse. The dragon that he cannot control. He banished himself from society to keep humanity safe. His one last hope is the tiny woman who has agreed to be his wife.
Though their marriage started as a contract, Jasmyn and Johnathan soon find passion blossoming between them. Will their budding love be enough to break the curse or is Johnathan doomed to remain a dragon forever?

This is a 20k word novella.
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