Doctor’s Baby: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

First he took my V-card. Now he’s delivering our baby?
Well, this is one hell of a second chance.

Nate Winthrop.
The cocky rich boy I’ve hated for years.
He was also my first…everything.

I was the daughter of his family’s housekeeper.
His mother did not approve of us.
When a tragic accident left his family in shambles,
Mommy dearest blamed me.

Ten years later, he’s back in our small town.
An Adonis in a white coat.
Walking around swinging his stethoscope.

The first time we hooked up was supposed to be the last.
But the fourth, fifth, and sixth?
Let’s just say all hell’s about to break loose-
when his mom finds out about this teeny, tiny secret I’m carrying.

Uh-oh, Doc, special delivery in Exam Room 1!

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