His Saving Grace: A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance

Emotionally Raw, Suspenseful, Action Packed Military Romance

Please note, His Saving Grace was previously titled Badass: The Complete Series. No new content has been added

Link Duffy has it all — wealth, looks, girls, and a dare-devil attitude that lays the world at his feet. Until the day his irresponsibility lands him in the armed forced. He discovers in himself a new and better man inside the close camaraderie of a Delta Force unit. But when his team is ambushed on a top-secret mission, Link loses more than he can bear — his brothers, his trust in his country, and a big part of himself. Now, all he lives for is revenge.

Grace Johnson finally has her dream — a license as nurse and physical therapist, and a baby on the way. But when her future is ripped heartlessly away, her Tennessee home becomes her hell. To find peace, she leaves everything she knows. Taking a job as private care nurse on a Malibu estate, she throws her heart into helping a hot, hostile soldier heal from his wounds, and finds a new reason to live.

Anger and sparks fly between the two. But even as they surrender to their intense attraction, violence catches up with Link. The lovers are forced to flee across the country, letting families and friends believe them dead. She’s his saving grace … and he’ll dare anything to keep her alive. But can Link discover the evil determined to kill all survivors from his team — in time to save his own life and hers? And can Grace become the warrior she must to survive their ordeal?

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In His Saving Grace, you’ll receive:
The Prequel
Collision Course
Destiny’s Collide
Hidden Danger
And an epic ending that will melt your heart and make you believe in love again.

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