Hot Daddy: A Billionaire Single Dad Romance

Alright, alright, alright.
Women say I sound just like Matthew McConaughey.
And owning half of Texas, life can’t get any better.
Until my inheritance is threatened by Tiffany, my b*tch of a half-sister.
Well sugar, that sh*t ain’t happenin’!
The only way to stop her is to get married.
It’s in my parents’ will.
Fortunately, I know just the candidate – Amanda.
She lights me up as bright as the Dallas sky.

All I can think of is her riding me cowgirl while wearing my Stetson.
But there’s more to it.
She’s actually making my playboy @ss consider settling down.
I’ll do everything in my power to win her over.
Including something I have never done before, introduce her to my son.
This is our chance, for our happily ever after.
But Tiffany has other plans, one that doesn’t involve my inheritance or Amanda…

This is a full-length standalone romance novel. No cliff-hanger and includes a HEA! 

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