Hunting Beauty

This is no fairytale, and I’m no prince. And there are much more dangerous things in these woods than big bad wolves or poisoned apples. Things like me.

They’ll say this is wrong.

They’ll say she’s too young for me – that she’s too untouched.

They’ll say a sweet and innocent princess like her has no business being anywhere near a roughneck soldier like me.

They’re right.

But poisoned apple or not, I’ve had a taste of her forbidden fruit, and I’ll be damned if I’m not after another bite.

She should run away. She should say no. But she seems to be having a problem saying anything but yesto the things I want to show her.

Very, very bad things.

Her father, my King, wants to send her to suitor’s ball to find a husband. Royal or not, I’ll show these fancy, frilly princes what a real man is, and I’ll show her how a real man claims his woman.

Princess Adele might not’ve been looking for trouble when she stepped into my woods, but she’s about to find it.

Every inch of it.

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