Kidnapped By The Royal Dragons, A Dragon Shifter Romance

A Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance

Karina Mattheson was born into her coven with such promise. The eldest daughter of the coven’s high priestess, born auspiciously on all hallows eve it was foretold that she would one day end the war between witches and dragons.
Unfortunately, on the cusp of being officially accepted into the coven on her eighteenth birthday, Karina feels like a failure as a witch. No powers have made themselves known and she can’t even cast a spell.
Silas, is a massive Red Dragon who has other plans to end the war. He kidnaps the daughter of the high priestess and plans to hold her for ransom until peace can be reached. He never banked on the raven haired, green eyed beauty bewitching him.
Taken from her coven by a powerful Dragon and held prisoner in his lair in the mountains, Karina never expected to find true freedom or true love.
As Karina and Silas find unexpected passion flaring between them, they surrender to their bodies and trust their hearts. However, outside the fragile peace can’t last. Will they be able to find a way to bring an end to the war that has raged for centuries or are they destined to be torn apart before their love can fully blossom?


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