My Dad’s Rich Cowboy Friend

A Bad Boy Billionaire Western Romance

Jack Fordson had it all: wealth beyond anyone’s dreams, power wherever he went and women that he could have his pick of any time of the day. Things would have been perfect if not for the favor he had to do for an old acquaintance—that of teaching said acquaintance’s daughter the ways of the south and making sure she went back to her daddy ready to take over the business. Jack never mixed business with pleasure—but one look at the delectable Miss Evie had him wishing he could just take the pleasure right then and there and damn all consequences to hell…
Evie Jones did not want this—not this ranch life, not this business lesson her father pushed on her…and certainly not this ranch owner who was too sexy for his own good. But if one was challenged to prove oneself better, what was a woman to do but rise up? All she needed was to learn it all and prove her father wrong, and then she’d be free. Of course, there was also the matter of resisting the attraction that was pulling her towards the infuriating, bossy man who was used to getting his own way—and whose hands made her forget everything else…

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