Nobody’s Girl: A Billionaire Romance Novel

I was left by everyone…my mom, my dad…and my step-father.

He promises he will never leave me, and god help me, I believe him.
Ivo Zacca…my husband
He’s gorgeous…not, that’s not the right word.
He’s beautiful – in every way, his face, his body, his mind…
His kindness. Nobody that beautiful should be that sweet.
Sweet but an animal in bed, god…
He thinks I married him for convenience, to get away from my asshole of a step-father.
I’ll let him think that, because then maybe it won’t be so painful for him when they tear me away from him, when they come for me…
When they kill me.
I’ll never let you know, Ivo, how happy you have made me, how much I love you…
Because fairy tales always end…

Nobody’s Girl is a full-length Billionaire Romance novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhanger.

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