Oceans Apart 1: A British Billionaire Romance

He’s in London… She’s in L.A.


How do you hold on to love when you’re 5,000 miles apart?

Ginny Peterson thought she had it all—great job, great friends and an even greater boyfriend—until she caught him with the sultry vixen from the fifth floor!

Determined to hold her head up and move on, she buries herself in work until her BFF drags her out for a night on the town. In walks Tristan Armstrong—a British tattooed billionaire with an accent that curls her toes! He’s rich, powerful and can’t keep his eyes off Ginny and her delicious curves—only problem is… he goes back to his life in England in two short days!

Once home, Skype is their friend and they’re climbing the walls with increasing desire. It seems nothing’s going to stop them keeping their virtual hands off each other until they meet again… then her ex-lover arrives back on the scene to ask for a second chance to make things right. Will she forgive him and abandon her new long-distance love affair, or tell him to shove it where the sun don’t shine?

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