Playboy Ever After

I’m a billionaire playboy.
So I’m all fun and games, right?
Not where Emma, my tempting, teasing new assistant is concerned.
Of course, she’s too innocent to even realize the effect she has on me.
But I’ll corrupt her soon enough.


I take her on a business trip and we get closer and closer every step of the way.
So close I can smell the perfume on her perfectly delectable neck.
So close she can see the massive bulge in my suit pants.
And then my business associate makes a proposition.
“Let me have a night with your assistant,” he says.


That’s it! Lights out!
I never threw away a business deal for a woman before.
But Emma is so worth it. And I’m going to show her how much I value her with every inch of my rock hard body.
I’ll make her mine if it’s the last thing I do.
I’ll make her mine no matter how much she protests.
Because this feeling is real.
No one thinks we should be together except me.
Good thing I’m used to proving the world wrong!

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