Prince: A Filthy Sweet Fairy Tale Romance

Consider this—who exactly comes to a cotillion?
Young, innocent, virgin females. That’s who.
Enough to satisfy even my desires.

Women are my weakness and I indulge that weakness as often as I can.
Gold-diggers. Coquettes. Self-serving opportunists.
I’m a Prince, why wouldn’t they throw themselves at me?
I take what’s freely offered because it’s satisfying, but I’ll never love someone who has nothing but a pretty face.
I’m not interested in being the hunted.
Not when there’s prey as delicious as Elle Gray.
Sweet, intelligent, motivated.
The girl I can’t get out of my head.
She’s got her ticket away from mediocrity, an acceptance letter to a prestigious fashion school. All she needs is a sponsor.
A sponsor she can find at my cotillion.
I’ll find her again that night.
And that night I’ll be her first…

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