ragons of Telera Complete 8 Book Collection

In this complete 8 book collection you will be immersed in a world of fantastical creatures, magic, and of course, sexy dragons! You are guaranteed to fall in love with the characters who make appearances throughout the books.

Opening a book of Letera is like watching a week in the life of someone else, but where the stakes couldn’t be higher. In a world where every kind of creature exists, survival seems impossible. Each standalone book shows two sides of romance in a world where anything could kill.

Book 1- Annora’s Dragon
Book 2- Bree’s Dragon
Book 3- Kerensa’s Dragon
Book 4- Noely’s Dragon
Book 5- Ailey’s Dragon
Book 6- Zandra’s Dragon
Book 7- Ivy’s Dragon
Book 8- Summer’s Dragon

These books are full of the romance and fiery passion that you have been looking for! Grab them now to jump into these addicting stories. 

WARNING: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA.

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