Romance Novels And The Sweet Escape

Many do no like to admit to reading romance books to their friends.  But even though I am just as guilty of denying a sweet escape into the world of fiction, I find myself curled up in front of the fire combing the book stores looking for the best romance novels.

I had always liked western romantic stories, but I have found that I also like to read paranormal books. Mainly, the vampires.  They have always had a special place in my heart since I was so much younger. I can remember vampires moving hell on earth to be with the one that they desired most.  These vampires were handsome and charming and almost anyone who watched these older movies or read these older books fell in love instantly.

I would sometimes feel guilty about finding a demon attractive, even worse when they were green. But, as time and years flew by, I realized that was just a fantasy and to me had no ties to religion. So it was ok to think that green vampire was incredibly attractive. We do have some vampire books on this site for you to enjoy by clicking here.

Now as the newer books came out, we began to see shape shifter and to be more exact wolf shifters, bear shifters, and even dragon shifter ebooks to name a few. We also have those listed on our site. You can access them by clicking here.

The idea of shifter was foreign to me.  I did not get the concept at first.  It then dawned on me that shifters have been around for awhile, I just did not realize it. I guess we could start with the hulk. A mild mannered man that turns into a huge green guy that takes care of business.  That is where my mind was at… than it hit me.  Those handsome vampires, they are also shifters.  They turned into bats and wolves. So I was always into shifters all along, I just didn’t know it until it struck me one day.

I now enjoy shifter romances almost on a weekly basis. I have even branched out and looked at some the the latest dragon shifter romance novels. I enjoy the rugged bad boy image of the dragons. I have found the royals to be an especially good read. If you haven’t yet tried these enticing paranormal romances.  You may find that you have been missing out.

Here is an excerpt from one of my favorites. Cursed Dragon:

“Jasmyn Moore grew up hearing tales of the dragon lord that lived in a mansion on the hillside. She always believed it was just a tale told to frighten children who stayed out after dark. She never put any stock in the legend.
Until the day she met the dragon prince.
Dragon Shifter RomanceHer freedom was traded in order for her father’s debt to the prince to be forgiven. She was to be his wife. He would take her in hopes that she would be the one who could finally break his curse and free him of the dragon.
Johnathan Black lived for centuries with his curse. The dragon that he cannot control. He banished himself from society to keep humanity safe. His one last hope is the tiny woman who has agreed to be his wife.
Though their marriage started as a contract, Jasmyn and Johnathan soon find passion blossoming between them. Will their budding love be enough to break the curse or is Johnathan doomed to remain a dragon forever?”


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