Royal Dragons Take The Vampire

A Shifter Dragon Vampire Paranormal Romance

Being awakened from a thousand year sleep just to be chained, captured and experimented on isn’t anyone’s idea of a party.
Ross and Magnus, two fearsome Dragons are being held by a Sect of vampires bent on the destruction of all species but their own. They will stop at nothing to possess the secrets of the DNA inside the blood of the world’s last remaining Dragons.
Veda Francis spent her entire life hearing legends and lore of Dragons. Her mother and father spent nearly six decades searching for a Dragon and they found not one but two. Unfortunately their knowledge fell into the wrong hands and now it’s up to Veda to undo the wrong that has been done and free the Dragons before it is too late.
When Veda and her father’s plans to set the Dragons free go terribly wrong and her father is captured or dead, it’s up to Veda to get the Dragons to safety. She never banked on her own life, and heart being at risk.
She’s haunted not just by her own kind but by the sensual energy that flows from Magnus, a Red Dragon who has no plans of cooperating. He’s always been a rogue. Will Veda be able to tame his wild heart and convince him to help save her father, and the ultimately the world, before it’s too late?
A sizzling fire erupts between Magnus and Veda the longer they’re together. He demands her body, just for one night. Magnus gets more than he’s bargaining for as their passion transports them both to another place and opens up so many doors that were previously closed. Can they both risk losing everything to find the ultimate love?

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