Royal Hunger: Vampire Paranormal Romance Box Set

Royal Hunger

All her life she’d grown up with her eccentric uncle’s crazy vampire stories.

Having house sat for her uncle for years, Dawn Bently knew he was going to return from his trip to Europe sometime. She never expected him to arrive home with an incredibly handsome friend who looks more like an ancient warrior than a normal man.

After sleeping for a thousand years, the future is more promising than ever.

Facing the extinction of their species, Asher and the few remaining vampires choose to spend a century in hibernation in hopes of waking to a world which has forgotten their existence. They hope to rebuild and start a new life.

Dawn never dreamed her uncle was not all he seemed. Or that she had always been a part of his plan.

Assuming the human name Shane, the ancient vampire chose to remain awake to guard the last of his kind and to remain a part of the human world that had forsaken them. It was he who chose the time and set a chain of events into motion that would forever change Asher and Dawn’s lives.

Dawn is human and Asher is immortal.

Theirs is a union that is doomed from the start.

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