Saving Red; A Naughty Beasts & Filthy Princes Romance

Ella Redmond is sweet, innocent, and completely off limits.
She belongs to a different world. One that I’ll never be a part of.
I’m a Hunter – Ash Hunter. I’m everything her grandmother warned her about. I’m fierce. Dominant. A beast of a man.
But there are far more dangerous animals than me.
Jared Wolfe lurks in the shadows. And I know what he wants. The same thing I do – to devour her.
I may not be the Prince Charming she’s been waiting for, but I will protect her. And in the end, she will be mine.

A steamy, retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a guaranteed Happy Ever After.

Naughty Beasts & Filthy Princes Romances
Book 1 Saving Red (Little Red Riding Hood)
Book 2 Owning Swan (Ugly Duckling)
Book 3 Craving Snow (Snow White)
Book 4 Guarding Beauty (Sleeping Beauty)

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