Secrets of the Bear

In this exciting finale to the bestselling Trapped in Bear Canyon series, the new leader of a small town will be forced to face his difficult past for a chance at the love of a lifetime…

Francis has finally settled down in the mountains of Bear Canyon. With his winnings from last year’s infamous Bear Canyon Brawl, and the Brolin brothers having left him in charge of running the small town, the only thing left is finding a mate to share it with. But he never expected just the right person to show up on his doorstep in a thunderstorm, desperate for his help.

Valerie hasn’t seen her former friend Francis in a long time. Not since he disappeared and she found out he was hiding in the middle of nowhere with a completely new life. But time hasn’t dimmed the attraction that she feels for the tall, sexy bear with a heart of gold. And more than anything, he’s the only person in the world she can trust right now, with her life in danger.

As Francis protects the woman who he knows to be his mate, secrets from the past reveal themselves and things heat up between the two fated lovers. But as the possibility of forever comes into view, the person behind everything that kept them apart for so long looms on the horizon like a terrible shadow, more ominous than they ever imagined.

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