Taming The Billionaire Boss 4 Book Set

M/M/M First Time Gay and Transgender Box Set

Taming The Billionaire Boss – M/M/M Transgender First Time Gay
What do you do with a cheating, no good husband?
Divorce him of course. What if it’s not that easy? Come up with a crazy, daring plan and put it into action.

Happy In The End – First Time Gay
Michael has come home from college, already graduated and ready to start his summer. He is not looking to party. He has a job lined up for him and has figured he would make the money he was looking for and come fall he could open his own business.

Three is a Charm – M/M/M Transgender First Time Gay
Shane McKenzie makes a living giving everyone else the answers. A multi-billionaire, his career as a motivational speaker and writer has been a wild success. There’s really only one problem. Just over forty, traveling for a living, no family and few friends, a different city every week, Shane doesn’t truly have any of the answers.

Taking The Detectives – M/M/M Transgender First Time Gay
Bo Ridgeforth and Cody Plaine have yet to let a case slip through their hands. The two have been friends and business partners for years. Both men are completely dedicated to what they do- private investigating.

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