The Arrogant Cowboy: A Bad Boy Romance

They never got their happily ever after.
Stephanie Pope used to believe in love at first sight, romance, true love and all that other mushy stuff that’s made just for books. Until her fiancé cheated on her a week before their wedding, crushing her dreams of a happily ever after and breaking her heart.
She haunted him since the day she left.
For two years Colby McAllister lived with what he did. He never even got a chance to explain what truly happened before his fiancé Stephanie left town. Despite the fact that a new invention has made him rich beyond his wildest imaginings, Colby has never been able to get over his heart break.

Horrible secrets about what really happened the night Colby broke her heart surface; secrets involving those Stephanie holds most dear. Will Colby be able to win back her heart?

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