The Baron’s Bounty

Isobel MacEwen is sent as her cousin Catherine’s proxy to marry Conlin de Braose, Baron of the Cinque Ports. But several months before she leaves Scotland, and on the same night that the baron’s ship is docked in port, she is a witness to the murder of their Scottish king. Or almost a witness. From her hiding place on that stormy night, she only sees the murderer’s shoes as he walks by. Isobel’s weakness is shoes. She loves shoes and notices not only everyone’s shoes, but the way they walk as well. And now a pair of shoes is the only clue to what really happened that night.

Lord Conlin de Braose of Sandwich has made an alliance with Laird MacEwen to marry his daughter, Lady Catherine. He’s never met the woman, and little did he know at the time of the agreement that she was known as the Shrew of the Scots. But Conlin has a young daughter he needs to think about since his wife’s death. She needs a mother, and he needs the alliance to protect his lands – and so he must remarry.

But on the day that his betrothed comes overseas to meet him, a storm takes the ship and Conlin rushes to help. The bounty he pulls from the wreckage is a woman – his betrothed’s cousin and proxy – Isobel MacEwen. The woman is beautiful, but seems a bit addled because of her infatuation with shoes! And when Conlin falls in love with the proxy, he realizes he is in a horrible bind.

Can a baron of the Cinque Ports keep his alliance to ensure the safety of his daughter and his people? Or will he risk all and break that alliance to be with the woman he loves?

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