The Billionaire Bear Takes His Mate: Bad Boy Billionaire Shifter Romance

A Paranormal Shifter Romance

Harmony Wells thought she had her life figured out. On the fast track to a successful nursing career the last thing she needed or wanted in her life was a man. That all changes when she finds a wounded black bear in the middle of the woods while out jogging. She’s determined to help even after she finds out that nothing is as it seems.
Rhett Parker, reclusive billionaire and Shifter spends his days funneling money down south to pay for a secret war between Shifters. A war the rest of the world knows nothing about. The Bears are the last thing that stands between the Wolves and a war like the world has never known. He’s managed to keep his true identity a secret his whole life but the woman who finds him near death and nurses him back to health goes straight to the heart of him.
Attraction sizzles and flares between Harmony and Rhett. Is it possible that Rhett’s Mate could be a human? Can he find a way into Harmony’s heart before he loses her completely? Danger and intrigue are closer to home than ever before as the Wolves hunt down Rhett to finish what they started. Harmony unwittingly puts herself right in the line of fire. Will she and Rhett find a happily ever after and a way to end the war between Shifters?

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