The Cowboy’s Virgin – A Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Romance

Beau Hill is the one person on this Earth I was raised to loathe.

His sparkling blue eyes, dimpled smile, and dusty Stetson may work like Kryptonite on every other girl in these parts, but they don’t work on me. A studious, virginal veterinary scholar like myself would never be caught dead falling for the charms and graces of the town’s most notorious horse-riding, cattle-roping Casanova.

Not to mention our families hate each other, an iron-clad feud that goes back over a hundred years…

But when a twister rips through the Deardon Rose Ranch, destroying my family’s century farm, we’re left with nothing but the clothes on our backs.

Desperately trying to save my family’s legacy, I’m left with no choice but to approach the one man who can help: the man with more money than God and every reason to slam the screen door in my face.

So imagine my shock when he says yes…

He’ll help.

But I have to live with him.

I have to work for him.

But falling for him? That was never a stipulation. It can’t happen. I won’t allow it. And if he thinks he’s got so much as a chance at taking my V-card, he’s got another thing coming.

Only when I tell him that, there’s a wicked glint in his indigo gaze that offers a wordless, “Challenge accepted.”

**The Cowboy’s Virgin is a standalone enemies-to-lovers/cowboy romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger. **

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