The Laird’s Castle

After saving for years to afford a trip to Scotland, Maurinda Thomas wants to have the ultimate Scottish experience including a tour of an ancient castle. When the tour doesn’t quite go as planned and Maurinda is thrust through a secret passage she relies on the incredibly handsome stranger she meets to save her.
Once a Scottish Laird, always a Scottish Laird. Lochlan professes that he is the murdered Laird of the very castle that Maurinda is visiting. He and his murdered clansmen have been waiting centuries for a woman who can see them and touch them.
Maurinda can’t give credit to the incredible story. Everyone knows that ghosts aren’t real. She begins to think she’s just having an incredible dream. An amazing dream where all her deepest, darkest fantasises come true. She is totally unprepared for the unleashed passion she experiences… and for the realization that her dream might just be reality.

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