The Vampire’s Slave

It was late when Claire first heard the knock on her door – too late. Upon opening it she is met with a mysterious and beautiful stranger, who claims to have just moved in across the hall. She makes the mistake of inviting him in – not realizing that her life has just changed forever.

Claire quickly learns the man she has invited in is no man at all. He’s Eric Belmont – heir to one of the most powerful vampire families in the world, and a highly sought after bachelor.

Eric’s appearance at Claire’s door is no mistake. He’s been watching Claire for some time, waiting for her to reach her Red Moon. Claire may think she’s just a normal human, but she’s in possession of a rare and extraordinary power – she can breed with vampires.

Eric takes possession of Claire and escorts her back to the Belmont family castle. Here he begins the long and tantalizing torture of the human vampire mating ritual. It will be some time until Claire’s body is completely ready for him, and during that time Eric has to do everything he can to keep her safe from other vampires within the castle.

Little do they both realize, they are just a small piece of a much bigger story…


The Vampire’s Slave is a full-length stand-alone novel with a HEA. It is also the beginning of the ‘Tales of Vampires’ series.

Coming Soon:

The Vampire’s Prisoner
The Vampire’s Servant
The Vampire’s Mate

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