The Vampire’s Spell: The Vampire’s Soul

Clay’s getting used to being gone from the Venatores lamiae, the vampire hunters that turned him into the werewolf he is now. That doesn’t mean he wants to be the boss of anything, especially not the Alpha for the largest wolf pack on the west coast. But, if that’s what it takes to keep the current pack leader alive, then he’ll fight, and he’ll win. She’s outmatched by her challengers, and undermined by the spies within the pack but Ashlynn is as resourceful as she is beautiful. She may drive him crazy for her lack of judgment and temperament, but he can’t deny his primal draw to her, and his beast yearns to claim her as much as the man.
With the pack divided and Clay’s friends from his old life in danger, he must learn to be open to the possibility of magic within. With old friends and new, he just might be able to save his new people, and claim the spoils of victory, the power of the alpha wolf, and the woman he has denied himself for so long.

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