Wolf Whisperer: A Novella

A Standalone Novella/No Cliffhanger
Her hands grip the steering wheel and her foot slams down on the brake. Everything around her seems to slow. All except for her heart, which just about beats out of her chest. Adrenaline surges as the wheels lock on her car. There is a god-awful screeching noise as the tires skid across the asphalt. It’s too little too late and her vehicle collides with the large, furry beast, with a hard thud. Metal twists and bones snap like twigs.
The creature is flung from her vehicle, landing in a mangled, bleeding heap. One of its legs kicks out uselessly. Jackie can’t believe it’s even still alive. Despite the danger, her years of veterinary training kick in and she gets to work to try and save its life. She should never have taken her eyes off of the road, not even for a second.

Tyler is on his way to Sweetwater. It’ the night of the Christmas Festival. More importantly, it’s his turn to find a mate. First, he’s got to lose his babysitters. The last thing he needs is his two pack mates staring over his shoulder while he tries to win the female of his dreams. That is if he’s lucky enough to find her.
So focused on escape, he doesn’t see the vehicle approaching until it’s too late. As he lies on the side of the road, broken and bleeding, he can’t help but think that it’s such bad luck. Can’t help but to feel seriously sorry for himself. That is until he catches a noseful of her scent and feels her soft little hands on him, then he thinks that maybe it’s fate…

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