Baby and the Beast

Connor Prince is a beast.
He’s a rich and infamous ex-movie star with one dream.
He wants a baby. And he wants me to be his surrogate.

I need the money and the contract doesn’t look too bad.
All I have to do is hang out in his mansion for nine months getting pedicures and massages while gestating his child.
I’ll even have a chef.

But the castle ends up being a gilded cage, with Connor controlling what I can eat, where I can go, and what I can do.
He’s driving me up the wall with his growling, snarly crap.

Between pregnancy hormones, Connor pushing me to the limits of my patience, and the fact that he’s absurdly hot under the mountain man beard, frustrations are rising quickly.
The angry kind. And the sexy kind.

I’m beginning to suspect that a good man might be lurking under Connor’s permanent scowl, but I know getting entangled with him is a terrible idea.
He’s got demons and secrets, and I’m… what exactly?
I’m the girl with crooked pigtails and paint splattered overalls.

I keep catching glimpses of a life and a family, but I know it’s just a fantasy.
My time with Connor ends on my delivery date.
Which is really unfortunate because I might be falling in love with him…

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