Baby Fever: The Complete 5-Book Surprise Baby Romance Boxset

Five alpha males, seven babies, all in one hot boxset!

Whether you are in the mood for a dreamy rockstar, a cocky bad boy next door, a hunky mountain man or filthy rich billionaires, this 5-book romance boxset will satisfy all your needs.

Book 1 – Leaving to Stay
As a world-renowned rock star, I have everything: women, fame, money.
But the only thing I need now…is her.
I never expect to see her again…Yet fate brings us back together.
And when she comes back into my life, it’s like no years have passed.
I’m addicted again, but this time I’m hooked on her.
And she tells me something that turns my world upside down:
She has two babies, and I’m their Daddy.

Book 2 – Accidental Soulmates
I always get what I want.
That night at Vegas, I wanted her.
So I took her… tasted her delicious lips and devoured every inch of her.
But before I could claim her again, she was gone.
I didn’t see her again, until I received a document called Marriage Certificate.
We were accidentally married.
This was only a mistake. But why did I find myself looking for ways to make this
mistake a reality?

Book 3 – Can’t Get Over You
She is the most anti-social, stubborn, nerdy pain in the a** I’ve ever met.
But she’s also determined, intelligent, and kinda cute… I mean, really cute.
No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop thinking about her.
Truth be told … I can’t stop wanting her.
We shared a kiss at my sister’s wedding.
I took her v*rginity before graduation.
And that’s supposed to be the end of the story.
A few years later, I became her new boss, and she wouldn’t let me meet her 6-
year-old son.
And everything finally starts to make sense…

Book 4 – Marrying the Wrong Twin
I’m totally screwed. I just said “I do” to the hottest man I’ve ever seen.
And he’s my future husband’s twin brother.
I mean, how could I know he’s the wrong one? They look exactly the same.
Now there’s no way out of this, so we’ll just have to keep playing the game.
We are married on paper only, for our family businesses to thrive.
It’s only business, a partnership kind of deal, and falling for him wasn’t part of
the arrangement.
But why do I keep recalling our first sinful night, when he took me right there in
his suite?
Why can’t I stop imagining all the tender, passionate kisses, his huge hands all
over my body and the rough, hard sex?
Oh, screw it! The marriage might be fake, but the baby I’m carrying is 100%

Book 5 – Deep in the Mountains
I came to the Smokey Mountains a broken man.
I needed to get away from my past, and that was when I became a ranger here.
For two years, my life is dull and in lack of passion.
But the first time I laid eyes on Ayla Winter, I knew I was in trouble.
She was charming, vulnerable, and utterly irresistible.
She was like no other woman I had ever met.
How could I have known that one surreal day with her would make me second-
guess it all?
And how could I have known that I was about to be a father?

Escape into the world of five huge and filthy alpha males and let them entertain you all night long.
Look inside to meet them now!

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