Beast: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

Now the Beast has found me.
And he’ll never let me go.

Women aren’t safe on Earth, not since the Big Mistake.
Around here, there’s one rule: Don’t go into town. That’s where the men are.

I live in hiding with Zoey, Dev and Makayla. It’s a hard life, but we make it work. Or we did, until Zoey got sick.

Now I have no choice but to head into town. I can’t sit and watch her wither away. I must find her a cure.

My disguise fails me, my eyes giving me away. Men descend upon me like a pack of rabid wolves. Then a savage, alien warrior steps up. Eight feet of muscle, horns and claws.

The beast throws me over his shoulder and carries me off like he owns me. I have no idea what the wants, but the brooding look in his alien eyes makes me tremble and fear the worst…

Kysus lies in ruins. Sickness has ravaged our people, our women are barren.
I am their King. I must save my people.

I need an heir.
I must find a mate.

Earth is my last hope. If I do not find a suitable nera, the Kaizon will die.

She is at the first human settlement I come across, in a group mating ritual.

A human female.
She’s soft and so perfect.

I swoop on the ritual and take her. She’s special. I don’t only want to claim her body. I want her soul.

She will submit to me. She will be pregnant before the next moon.

This I swear.

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