Better Witch Than Never: A Salem Cozy Mystery

Cozy Mystery by Catherine Waltan

Margie Halloway is a normal woman. She works a job she doesn’t care about, avoids men who catcall her on the street, and goes home every night to Salem her beloved cat who also happens to be named after the town she lives in.

Despite its namesake, Salem is a pretty normal town. Small, unassuming, everybody knows everybody.

Until a string of murders occurs in her small town and she starts to feel… different. She can do things she couldn’t do before, like move objects without touching them, or get people to do whatever she wants.

She might be going crazy because, her cat is suddenly talking to her and it seems elderly women are following her around. Even more unusual, her ex is suddenly very interested in her life again, all the while she’s beginning to believe that maybe these murders and her new abilities have more to do with one another than she thought.

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