Bought By The Cowboy: Historical Mail Order Bride

Finn is a rancher in South Texas, with a large and prosperous business. It is the early 1870s and he finally decides to find a mail order bride for himself, so the ranch has a mistress.

Irene is big, curvy and beautiful, and she arrives at his doorstep full of dreams of a new start. She is impressed by her rich and handsome groom, but he is aloof and cold and Irene can’t understand how to win Finn’s heart.

The marriage has an ugly start as egos clash and misunderstandings drive them apart. Only, an unfortunate disaster is at the horizon, and it will bring the new couple together as they work together and fight for their home as a team.

Will the ruthless business man find love in his heart for his wife, or is there nothing left there for Irene to win?
A Mail Order Brides Historical Western Romance

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