The Haunted Hotel Hoopla 

Charlie Rhodes always knew that finding her family would be difficult, but she never expected the search to feel like such an impossible burden. With each passing day and new lead without tangible progress in sight it seems as though this ignominious task will continue interminably. The steep price tag of Savannah may be a …

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Magic & Midnight

The scent of roses is in the air, but not for long.The descendants are thriving both personally and professionally as well with their new found happiness—that is until something goes wrong! When the Midnight Surfer is found dead on Balefire Beach, everyone in Starry Hollow fears that it could be a murder. The future is …

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A Familiar Murder

familiar murder

A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Astra is my name. I’m single, adore familiars, and am a witch who has a demon cat with more magical power in its paw than I have in my entire body. When I inherit my great-aunt’s rundown manor in the quiet Oxfordshire hamlet of Witch Hollow, which nestles beneath the shadow …

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You’ve Got To Be Kitten

youve cozy mystery

A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Ruby arrives back in her hometown, which has changed a lot, and she is flooded with melancholy. It’s where her fiancé abandoned her at the altar all those years ago. That is why, when in town, Ruby simply wants to settle up and go. However, things become deadly when Ruby’s ex-fiancé …

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Better Witch Than Never: A Salem Cozy Mystery

Cozy Mystery by Catherine Waltan Margie Halloway is a normal woman. She works a job she doesn’t care about, avoids men who catcall her on the street, and goes home every night to Salem her beloved cat who also happens to be named after the town she lives in. Despite its namesake, Salem is a …

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Caught Witch Handed: The Hill Cozy Mystery

Caught Witch Handed

Cozy Mysteries by Catherine Waltan Young and attractive Gwendolyn Paris could not have a more charmed life. Literally charmed. Hers is a serene and cozy world shared with her Grandma Robby, an unabashed practitioner of magic, and her faithful, semi-sentient kitty, Amulet. Okay, maybe just a little more charmed. Gwen has signed a gig with …

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And Then There Were Crumbs: A Cookie House Mystery

She’s a talented pastry chef—with a secret recipe for solving crimes… WELCOME TO THE COOKIE HOUSE Kate McGuire’s life was sweet in Manhattan before she lost her restaurant job and fiancé both. But sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, and soon she finds herself starting from scratch in the island town of Coral …

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Pink Smoke and Mirrors: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Pink smoke billowing out of my favorite bookstore sets me and my talking pink iguana on the trail of the arsonist. Watch out Witch’s Cove. Hi, I’m Glinda Goodall, amateur sleuth and witch. Whenever a fellow Witch’s Cove resident is targeted, for whatever reason, I, along with my trusty familiar, Iggy, and my computer savvy …

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Double, Double, Tart and Trouble

Welcome to Spellford Cove, where the baking is sweet and the witches are wild. Just when Robin thought things were settling down a bit in Spellford Cove, she finds herself mired in a murder investigation once more when a customer of hers is poisoned. Then just to make matters worse, a photo of Queen of …

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