The Blood of Promise

blood of promise

Marsden Wyland is walking a tightrope between opening up to his new Pack and keeping them from finding out his secrets of the past. His life has become a living hell, and all he wants in return is an explanation. The ghost girl only means one thing—that his time on will be limited. The ghost …

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Shadows: Legends of the Vampires

Shadows Emma Night

By: Emma Night It all began with a whisper, and then a vision that unlocked my abilities and drew me to him. It all started with a dream that compelled us to follow the Exodus back to Salem. Nobody knew what dangers lay ahead or how serious the danger was. I had no idea how …

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The Stalking Dead Gang of Ghouls

Author: Eva Chase Paranormal Romance I did a horrible act. Fortunately, I have no idea what that thing was because of a blank in my memory, but it was horrible enough to keep me incarcerated for seven years. It was bad enough that my little sister refuses to speak with me. But when I’m set …

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Moon Touched Zodiac Wolves Book

Author Elizabeth Briggs As the outcast of the Cancer pack, I’ve been beaten and harassed for my whole life. My only chance to change packs and seek a better future is by gaining my wolf form and finding my fated mate. Then my fated partner is revealed, he’s the future alpha of the Leo pack, …

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Blood Truth Black Dagger Legacy Book

Author J.R. Ward Boone is a trainee in the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s program, and he has excelled as a soldier. He now fights alongside the Brothers as a veteran. Following his sire’s unexpected death, he is taken off rotation without his consent—and must work with a former homicide investigator to capture a serial murderer. At …

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Hour of Darkness: A Hunter Legacy Novel

Author Lara Adrian Paranormal Romance Cain is a Breed vampire that was born and bred as an assassin in the notorious Hunter program. Cain, as a mercenary willing to tackle any issue for a fee or so he thought. Cain leaves Las Vegas after a difficult task strains even his shady code of honor, and …

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Dark Prisoner: Vampires of the Underworld

Paranormal Romance By Emma Night It’s been a year because the disastrous effects of Cornelius whom was laid to rest. All has been going well in Athenai. The tranquility was strong and also the safety system in position has actually been elevated to avoid an invasion from ever occurring once again. The Royal family members welcomes the latest …

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Firebird of Glass

Her very first Xmas might be the last Christmas. Tadra has actually known her entire life that she was suggested for a fantastic fate. However she never ever expected it to take place similar to this: entraped in an odd new globe, her magic broken as well as her voice silenced, not able to move to anything …

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Be Were: Paranormal Shifter Romance

Dean had a family once. Until tragedy and betrayal consumed them – but not permanently, for Dean continues on with his life in the present day keeping it simple by living carefree until one night leads him back into danger which reminds him why he still has an anger deep inside just waiting underneath all …

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Trapped by the Dragon

She wasn’t supposed to fall for the target… Natasha Celland isn’t a fan of the dragons. They came around at a bad time, and she’s tired of their special treatment. She’s not going to be able to ignore them for much longer though, as a high-ranking witch has assigned her the mission of getting to …

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Wolf Trap. The Billionaire Bear Series

wolf trap

This book can be read as a standalone or book 2 in the series. Ian Wolfsblood, leader of one of the most influential clans of the Wolves has always been hell bent on a war against humans and their allies. The Bears have long stood in his way until now… A tenuous peace is offered …

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Dark King

Jen Foxray is a badass MMA fighter. When she finds herself kidnapped and brought into another dimension, her skills are an asset. Arrows whizzing past her head? No problem. She’ll still kick major goblin backside. She can take care of herself and save her friends. She doesn’t need a man to save her. Nope. Not …

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Blood Dragon

Dragon shifter series set in the same world as The Bride Hunt series Bay knew what she was. Definitely not human. Not even close. He knew she was startlingly beautiful. He even knew what she looked like naked. Unfortunately, he didn’t know who she was. Not really. Even her name was a mystery. Where was …

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Iron Throne: Vampires of the Underworld

iron throne

Vampire Paranormal Romance by Emma Night When one enemy wants absolute power and the other revenge, Roman and Melina battle to keep her unborn child, the heir to the kingdom. Cornelius is in possession of a dangerous relic that makes it possible to harness and control the magic of the Clairvoyants. Athenai faces menace as …

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Haunted In The Hallow

Haunted in the hallow

Losing her family  to blood thirsty vampires. Lyra finds solace in a place to hide that she feels safe. She finds two handsome shifters that decide to protect her . Soon afterwards after several other dangerous creatures fail to take me, the two wickedly gorgeous wolves fight and vie for my attention. She has to …

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Royal Hunger: Vampire Paranormal Romance Box Set

Vampire Paranormal Romance by Emma Night This is a 3 book box set Books include: Royal Hunger: Dawn knew that her unusual uncle would soon return from Europe.  When he returns, he is not alone.  He has brought home a man that almost instantly brings Dawn to her knees. As Danger approaches, Will Dawn and …

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Infernal: Vampires of the Underworld

Vampire Romance

Vampire Paranormal Romance by Emma Night Who is the traitor, who killed a most beloved and feared king. The prince who has been thrown into being a king and a human made into the queen.Athenai is on the verge of extinction as demons get closer and closer to ending the world. Are the friends actually …

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The Chosen One; Vampires of the Underworld

Vampire romance

Vampire Paranormal Romance By Emma Night Taken from one world into another. I had no idea what awaited me. I went from being a doctor to what appeared to be made into a bride for a king in another world. I don’t want him but can I resist the evil that awaits me and the …

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The Hunt: Paranormal Shifter Romance

Dax is pressured to find a mate from his shifter family. Willow can not wait for Halloween. Her Bestie talks her into going to a party to have a little fun and loosen up. When they cross each others paths, the hunt becomes interesting. When Willow is kidnapped, will their attraction to one another survive? …

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