Claimed By The Alpha Wolf

The rule follower
Belle Allenna, daughter of the Alpha of the Allenna pack is sure she is a complete failure. Nearing her eighteenth birthday, she still hasn’t transitioned yet which can mean only one thing. She isn’t a Wolf and if she is just human, she can no longer remain with her Pack.
The rebel
Jesse Anderson is finished with the strict, rigid ways of Pack life. His father, Alpha of the Andersons, imposes rigid rules that Jesse has no interest in following. He’s done with barely surviving, with the raids on their enemy lands.
One night of incredible discovery
When Jesse first lays eyes on Belle, he knows that she’s a Wolf, even if she doesn’t. He knows he has to help her find her transition and shift for the first time. The two share one amazing night of incredible chemistry, so much so that it almost seems like they were fated to be mates. The only problem… Belle still doesn’t know who Jesse really is. Will she ever be able to move past the fact that he’s the son of her enemy or are they fated to remain apart forever?

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