Cosmic Passions: An Alien Romance Collection

15 Steamy Sci-Fi Romances In One Collection!

Brace yourself for a wild ride of hot chance encounters deep within the cosmos, forbidden intergalactic mates, racy star ship ménage, adventures through portals, and out of this world passion.

Would it be ridiculous of me to make a wish on a star?
My life completely transformed the night I posed that very question to the universe.
I never would have guessed my wish would lead me straight into the arms of two unbelievably gorgeous aliens.
And they need me just as much as I need them.

Cosmic Passions is a collection of 15 red-hot alien romance short stories, including Captured By Two Aliens and the following titles:

Chosen Alien Bride
My Encounter With A Sweet Alien
Captured By Two Aliens
Wanted By Two Aliens
Saving The Alien Star Lord
Forbidden Alien Warlord
Chosen Alien Gene: Joran’s Quest
Chosen Alien Gene: Double Quest
Chosen Alien Gene: Banek’s Quest
Desired By The Sacred Alien
Seducing The Sacred Alien
Claimed By The Sacred Alien
Rescued By The Alien Mate
Saved By Alien Love
Taken By Two Aliens

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