Daddy’s Sweet Little

Life on the streets has been tough on Susie. Passing out in the rain, she wakes up in a cabin deep in the forest, laid on her back as an alpha Daddy Dom doctor stares down at her, telling her she’s not leaving until she’s fully recovered. Susie’s terrified but also excited. She never expected anyone to ever take care of her, especially not a smoking hot mountain man with abs of steel and the voice of a grizzly bear.

When David brought the curvy homeless girl back to his cabin, he knew exactly what treatment would make her feel better. It wasn’t a doctor she needed. It was a Daddy. But when she recovers and prepares to go back to her old life, will he be able to let go of his sweet little?

Daddy’s Sweet Little is a steamy instalove romance starring an alpha Daddy Dom and a curvy girl who needs some firm discipline while she quivers helplessly in his lap.

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