Deception, The Billionaire Bear Series

The Billionaire Bear Stories
A Paranormal Vampire and Shifter Romance

Old Ian Wolfsblood is gone, the Norther Wolf Clan Leaderless in the wake of his death, a tenuous peace reached between the Wolves and the Bears.
Not everyone is happy with the peace. There are those who have their own ambitions.
Roman Wolfsblood vowed revenge on the uncle who banished his own brother from the Clan on a false count of treason. After Roman’s parents die in a horrible fire, he comes to seek his vengeance not only on his uncle, but on the entire Clan.
After one look at the scarred outsider, Ember Shiplack knows her Clan is in danger. After the death of their Leader, the Clan hoped for a better way, a more peaceful future. Those hopes are in jeopardy when Roman shows up unexpectedly.
Ember uses her secret gift to find out why the stranger has come to their Clan but as she gets to know Roman, forces beyond their control bring them together and threaten to tear them apart. Ember knew her life was in danger but she never imagined her heart was as well.
Will Roman and Ember find love and a future together or will his betrayal and the tenuous political situation tear them apart?

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