Doctor Dragon

A dragon shifter series set in the same world as the Bride Hunt books

Since the death of his mate – a death he is responsible for – Druze has dedicated his life to finding a cure for the fertility problems surrounding species females. For years, he’s worked day and night to qualify as a healer. There is still so much for him to learn.

Druze is shocked when he’s enlisted to find a cure for a life-threatening illness. A terrible disease that has claimed the lives of so many of the Feral species. Surely there are those more qualified for this role. Unfortunately, he knows only too well as to why he was chosen. It is a chance for him to repent. A chance to redeem himself, if only by a small margin. Druze will never be able to atone for the hurt he caused. For the pain, the suffering…for her death. It is not possible! Nonetheless, he will tackle the task with the ardor it deserves.

It’s a race against the clock, with not just one, but two lives in the balance. Druze feels out of his depth. It’s a task he can’t possibly perform alone and so procures the help of an avian veterinarian and a gynecologist. Both human. The one is a male and the other a female. The male is cocky and arrogant, but the best in his field. The male’s attitude is an irritation Druze is willing to ignore. The female is highly skilled, extremely intelligent and breathtakingly beautiful. The latter could prove to be a distraction. Not to him, of course, but to the team dynamic. He’ll have to play it by ear.

A lady would have to be blind or deaf not to notice the gorgeous dragon shifter leading the team. He’s that sexy. That intriguing. He also happens to be no-nonsense and all business. He’s dark and brooding, even angry at times. Rude too if she’s going to get picky. She’s sure there’s a reason behind his attitude.

Dr. Brittney Baker is all for finding a cure for…clutch sickness – a new one to her – but surely they could get to know one outside of working hours? She has caught him looking at her once or twice. Britt knows that look. It is a look that causes her cheeks to heat, and her stomach to tighten. Why is he fighting it? There is an attraction there. One that could get hot and heavy if given half the chance.


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