Doctor’s Orders Dr. Dawson Box Set 1: Medical Doctor Romance

Some people never learn…
Some people are destined to make the same mistake over and over again.
I was one of those people, and definitely when it came to Dr. Ryan Dawson.
Dr. Ryan Dawson, the uber sexy surgeon with his panty melting smile.
Dr. Gorgeous. Dr. Perfect. Dr. Everything.
Call him whatever you want, he was sinful temptation any woman with eyes would be attracted to.
Definitely what the doctor ordered.
He was also my mentor…
That meant off limits to me.
My life was already complicated enough. So there was no reason on earth for me to make things worse by falling for him.
I was only supposed allow him to take me through my first year of residency and help me get that much closer to my career goals.

Not fall into bed with him every chance I got.
It’s all I can think of as things heat up between us, but I can’t resist him.
Even when I know being with him could land us both in trouble.

A steamy medical romance that will make you melt.

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