Doctor’s Orders Dr. Sawyer: Medical Doctor Romance

St. Michael’s Hospital. Home of the sexiest doctors known to man.

It was the place where perfection came in the form of Dr. Devon Sawyer.

His sexy charm, the body of a Greek god, and the masterpiece of a man he was.
Definitely perfection.

We met in our intern year.
He tossed a coin and it landed on heads, and I played a game of truth or dare.
We were a match made in heaven.
Or, so I thought until he left me.

It finished me off when I got an invitation to his wedding a year later.
It took all the strength in me to accept the invite.
After all, we were friends first before we became lovers.

It took even more strength, however, not to fade away when he came back three months before the wedding and told me it was off.
Then he asked me to come back to him.

It’s come full circle, back to the point where we parted.
The problem was me…
I couldn’t tell him I loved him because I was worried he’d hurt me.
Falling for him once felt like a mistake.
What will falling for him twice do to me now I know what it’s like for him to break me?

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