Doctor’s Orders: Dylan: Medical Doctor Romance

Dylan Taylor
Like every other woman here I’ve fallen under the damn spell of him.
He places his hands either side of me blocking my escape and my heart stills.
I press my head back against the wall when he leans in close and lingers right
there. Inches away, a kiss away. So close our lips should meet.
The force that compels them to meet is like wild electricity. It’s so wild I almost
believe I could touch it and it would burn me.

Heat flushes straight through my body when he moves to my ear and his
warm breath tickles my skin.
Wild fire instantly courses through me.
Fire fueled with electricity designed to scorch and burn from the inside out.
The kind of fire you know you can’t put out.
It consumes me, enticing me to do what I want to do.

Touch him and taste him…

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