Doctor’s Orders: Nick: Medical Doctor Romance

He’s my best friend. And now, he wants me to be my lover.
Nick Andrews is the stuff dreams are made of.
Insanely handsome, and so charming. It should be a crime.
He’s the playboy the women swoon over, and the ace of hearts.
We’ve been best friends from the dawn of time.
Him the celebrity football player, and me the doctor.
It worked perfectly because I knew we’d never be more than friends.
Even if I wanted more…
As the years went by I got good at keeping my feelings under control and stuck to the rules of friendship.
Until one drunken night changed it all.
That one night we broke the rules together, blurring the lines between friendship.
Now he wants more.
He wants me.
I want more too.
I want him.
Friends, or lovers?
The rules no longer apply to us.
But I know I shouldn’t be with the playboy.
I’ve been through too much heartache to play love’s fool again.
Can I trust my best friend not to break me?

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