Iron Throne: Vampires of the Underworld

Vampire Paranormal Romance by Emma Night

When one enemy wants absolute power and the other revenge, Roman and Melina battle to keep her unborn child, the heir to the kingdom.

Cornelius is in possession of a dangerous relic that makes it possible to harness and control the magic of the Clairvoyants. Athenai faces menace as witches from all over the territory flee to Thenai, the main territory of the vampires in search of a safe haven from the gruesome death the tyrant is meting out on witches who fail to procure him a hybrid.

Banding together with the werewolves and all the other Ethereals, they keep away the prophecy that speaks of the future heir of Athenai being the most powerful hybrid to ever live. Can the Crown keep up the charade?

How long can the witches suffer in silence before one of them finally cracks and reveals the truth?

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