Jaxon: Kings of Denver

I made the worst decision of my life when I left Denver three years ago.
I broke his heart, I broke my family’s hearts and I broke my own.
I could never go back, yet here I am, staring my past in the face.
Only things have changed.
He isn’t the same boy I once knew, he’s now the Captain of the Denver Dragons,
No longer a boy but a man, a man who has a reputation made by his many achievements in the bedroom.
I know I should stay away but I can’t,
I want him back.

I’m up for the best senior year known to man.
I’m the king of campus.
The captain of the Hockey Team with endless amounts of alcohol and chicks at my disposal. I worked hard not to have a damn string holding me down.
Until my past comes back to haunt me.
Why, might you ask?
Because she’s back.

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